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    Martinez Unified School District

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    Matt Chamberlain

    Assistant Principal                        Anna Malki

    Assistant Principal                        bluelight翻墙

    Office Manager
    Karin Sloper

    Angela Paradise                          925-335-5816

    Maureen French                            925-335-5876

    Assistant Principal's Office        Christen Billecci                            925-335-5873

    Student Body Accounts
    Deb Dawson

    Technology Support
    Rick Moore

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    极光加速器 - 极速网络加速器

    极光加速器 - 极速网络加速器

    极光加速器 - 极速网络加速器

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    极光加速器 - 极速网络加速器

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    Ellen Coleman - Counselor blue lamp下载

    Melissa Sackett - Counselor msackett@martinez.k12.ca.us

    Martha Hummel - Counselor mhummel@martinez.k12.ca.us 

    Nadia Malliarys - School Psychologist  mmalliarys@martinez.k12.ca.us 

    If you are having an Emergency please call 911. If you are in Crisis please call 211 for support and referrals. You can also text Home741741 and you will be connected to a counselor.


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    Here is the link to the VMHS Psychology Club Youtube channel. We do a mix of short mental health minute videos and longer interviews with community leaders about mental health topics. Please subscribe and share away! And let me know if you have any topics you would like us to cover - we are always open to suggestions!


    NEED HELP???


    Click Here and email your question to the Office Manager

    To report safety concerns such as bullying, potential fights, alcohol/drug use or any other safety items of concern call 925-335-5888 or text  925-727-DONT. You can also submit a concern electronically CLICK THIS LINK

    Martinez Unified School District celebrates the home languages of each of
    our students. We recognize that families may need interpretation services
    in order to access services and communicate with school district personnel. We can provide interpretation services when needed. Please
    call Monifa Morgan (925-335-5966) should you require interpretation

    El Distrito escolar unificado de Martínez celebra la variedad de idiomas
    primarias de nuestros estudiantes. Reconocemos que algunas familias puedan
    necesitar servicios de intérprete para tener acceso a los servicios y comunicarse con personal del distrito escolar. Podemos proveer servicios de intérprete cuando sea necesario. Favor de comunicarse con Monifa Morgan
    (925-335-5966) si requiere servicios de intérprete.

    Student Health Services

    Health Matters

    Student Health Resources

    Health and Wellness Committee

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